Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Dublin] Top 10 Early Bird & Set Menus

I love a good Early Bird or Set menu, but nothing annoys me more than restaurants which make it hard to take advantage. After all, I don't want to have to plan my evenings with laser-like precision, making sure that I hit that tiny window of opportunity. Frankly dear readers, I'd be doing well to leave the office before 7pm on some days, often putting Early Bird deals outside my reach. 

I put a question out on Twitter, asking my readers to recommend restaurants with good Early Birds or Set menus. From those recommended, as well as some of my own favourites, I've chosen a selection which I think offer a good combination of availability, value and cuisines. As always, this is a list of my own choosing, so feel free to tweet or comment with restaurants that you feel are worthy of a mention.

There are barely any limitations with cool fish-focused restaurant Bite. Their pre-gig menu is available all night Tuesday to Saturday, with the added bonus of a complimentary glass of prosecco Tuesday to Thursday when you order the 3 course option. Two courses for €21.95 or three for €24.95. Bite menu details

You always need a fine dining recommendation and I was pretty impressed by the Set Menu available at Dax Restaurant. It's not the cheapest at €29.50 for two courses or €35.00 for three, but it's available Tuesday to Friday 5.30pm-10pm. Dax menu details.

Recommended to me by my Twitter friend The Herb Garden, Essence Bistro in Swords offers quite a good Early Bird menu. It's available from 5.30pm to close on Tuesday to Friday, 5.30pm to 7pm on Saturday, and importantly for Sunday lunch between 2pm-9pm on Sundays. Two courses cost €19.50 and three will set you back €24.50. Essence menu details.

New restaurant The Vintage Kitchen on Poolbeg Street offers a clean simple menu with two courses for €25 Tuesday to Saturday, 5pm to close. Plus, it's BYOW and they sell a collection of vintage arts and crafts. The Vintage Kitchen menu details.

The newly renovated and lively Whitefriar Grill on Aungier Street offers an Early Bird menu all night Sunday to Thursday, between 5pm-7om on Saturday and between 5pm-6pm on Sunday. Two courses cost €19.50 with three for €22.00 Alternatively, there's a set menu for two including a bottle of house wine for €55 on Sunday to Wednesday after 5pm. Whitefriar Grill menu details.

San Lorenzo's is seriously good food as far as I'm concerned, and it's even better when you can enjoy it on their all night Early Bird which runs Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, it's available between 5pm-7-m. Two courses will cost €19.50. San Lorenzo's menu details

Located right in the city centre on South Anne Street, the Kitchen's Early Bird menu is available all evening Sunday to Wednesday and between 5pm-7pm Thursday to Saturday. It's simply priced too with two courses for €20 and three for €25. The Kitchen menu details.

Sticking with Italian food for a moment, Chef Anita Thoma of Il Primo got in touch to tell me about their Early Bird. It's available all evening Monday - Wednesday, and until 6.45pm on Thursday. Two courses will cost €23, while for a mere three euro more (€26), you can enjoy three courses. Il Primo menu details.

Would you like to try some top quality Chinese cooking? China Sichuan's Value menu is served  all night Monday to Wednesday. Unfortunately, it's only available in a tight window between 5pm-6.15pm Thursday to Saturday and Bank Holidays. Two courses cost €20.00 while three cost €24.95. China Sichuan menus.

Here's one that's a little different. Instead of an Early Bird, how about a Meat + Liquor night from Bijou Bistro in Rathgar. From Monday to Wednesday, 5pm to close, you can order a burger or steak, with a beer for €20. Bijou menu details.


gastrogays said...

We used to live minutes walk from Il Primo on Clanbrassil St., and always passed it saying "we need to go to there" - definitely on one of our next trips home :)

Foodnerd4life said...

This is so useful- thank you! I'm visiting Dublin for the first time next weekend so it's great working through these places to find one.Thanks!

FoodNerd x

zook said...

Really useful post.. now I have no excuse for not sampling them all!

Emma Deirdre said...

Really useful post! As a fellow lover of Early Bird value a few newbies cropped up there I didn't know about!

Anonymous said...

Asador on haddington road do a great value one, all night tue, wed and sunday also. I think its 2 for €19 and 3 for €24 with steaks available on it!

Rachel Saunders said...
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