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Top 10 Dublin Early Birds

It's time to refresh my listing of Dublin's Top 10 Early Bird menus. As always, this list is chosen by myself, but based on certain criteria. Top marks went for Early Birds that offer good value and are available with minimal restrictions.

What's interesting is that most of the restaurants listed below have been in my Top 10 list for quite a while. So you can take it for granted that these are venues who are truly interested in offering value to their customers. Generally, the restaurants fall mainly in the category of upscale casual eating, but I have included a few high-end spots for those people that like to treat themselves. 

Firmly maintaining its top spot for value, RIBA in Stillorgan which offers two courses cost €21 with three for €25. This is slightly up from before, but it's very generously available all evening Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, it's available between 5-7pm. If you're feeling romantic, make Monday & Tuesday a Date Night and add a bottle of wine for a total of €59! RIBA menu details

A newcomer to my list, French restaurant La Maison on Castle Street has two courses for €22 and three for €26 all day Sunday to Wednesday, while on Thursday to Saturday, it's available between 3-7pm.

Long time favourite Thai restaurant, Saba on Clarendon Street, has two courses for €25 Sunday to Wednesday. Unfortunately, there is no Early Bird Thursday - Saturday, but they do have cocktails.

Italian restaurant San Lorenzo's Early Bird is available without restrictions Sunday to Wednesday, and between 5-6.30pm Thursday to Saturday. Two courses costs €21.95 and three €26.95. I'm glad to report that there's been no price increase since I last updated this article.

This spot is shared between two restaurants from the wonderful Mercantile Group. First up is the French-style The Green Hen, which has a €21.50/€24 Early Bird available Sunday to Thursday between 5-7pm. The elegant Marcel's has an Early Bird all day Sunday (perfect for a lovely Sunday lunch), 5-7pm Monday to Thursday and 5-6.30pm Friday & Saturday. One/two/three courses cost €20/€25/29.

The lively Whitefriar Grill on Aungier Street offers an Early Bird menu all night Monday to Wednesday, between 5pm-6.30 on Thursday and between 5pm-6pm Friday to Sunday. Two courses cost €19.50 with three for €24.50. Again, I'm delighted to report that there have been no price increases since the last update.

If you're heading to the theatre in the Grand Canal, you might like to visit Osteria Lucio, where the Early Bird is available all week between 5-6.45pm. Two/three courses will cost €23/€28.

China Sichuan is another fabulous restaurant with no price increase. China Sichuan's Value menu is served all night Monday to Wednesday 5pm-9m and is available until 6.15pm Thursday to Sunday. Two courses cost €20.00 while three cost €24.50. 

The Morrison Grill in the city centre produces some good steak, and their Early Bird menu is available every night between 5-7pm. Two/three courses will cost you €25/€29.

And finally, I've kept some fine dining for the very last spot. Long term favourite L'Ecrivain has a pre-theatre menu Monday - Friday, 5.30-6.30 for €45 (3 courses), while Restaurant Forty One offers three courses for €38.50 between 5.30-6.30pm Monday to Friday.

Special mentions

Taco Taco has an all night Sunday to Wednesday deal (and until 6.30pm Thursday to Saturday), where you can enjoy tacos, sweet potato fries, chargrilled mexicana corn on the cob and a bottle of beer or glass of prosecco for €21.95

Dillinger's in Ranelagh offers its supernachos every Tuesday night for just €10, while on Wednesday night, there's a choice of 10oz steak cuts, with potato and sauce for €21.


Rosemary McLaughlin said...

I was wondering if you knew about
Vietnamese “bành mí” sandwiches.
Is there one on the South Side of Dublin?
I would like to try them for the Team at Work on Fridays as we usually try new restaurants that are fun and recommended.....

why they are served on Baguettes? and if that is a traditional Vietnamese bread?---seems a bit strange to me ?
.never tried it because cannot drive into City Centre as dont have that long at Lunchtime.

dudara said...

Vietnam was once a French colony, hence why baguettes are popular in Vietnam. There are other also quirks to Vietnamese cuisine that come from French cuisine.

I can't think of any spots off the top of my head on the South Side that offer a banh mi. On the North side you have Aobaba, Hanoi Hanoi and Pho Viet.

Rosemary McLaughlin said...


Thanks for yoru prompt answer.....

yes I looked it up ...interesting but thank god its not the same type of Baguette ( apparently it is made from part Rice Flour part Wheat Flour....;
I find Fench baguettes hard to eat,, very heavy and doughyand very "White".

I will keep looking or maybe open up one myself haha.

Warmest Regards,

Anonymous said...

Temple Bar is technically south side?
A place called Pho Ta opposite Club M has Bahn Mi. I haven't tried their Bahn Mi but the other dishes I tried were decent so worth a try.


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