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Sunday, October 13, 2019

[Review] Sprezzatura, Grantham Street, Dublin 8

Sprezzatura is the latest entrant into the Dublin dining market, and even after just one visit, I'm confident that it's going to go the distance. Semolina pasta is freshly made onsite every day and sold along with a selection of small plates at what can only be called crazy low prices. Every dish is under €10 and at these prices, it's going to be packed.

Located in the premises of the former Grantham's cafe, it's a stones throw from Camden Street, and a multitude of various corporate offices who will surely appreciate having a good new lunch spot. The restaurant is  in the minimal style, and split across two rooms. The first room is centred around a large communal table and high seats, while the other room holds tables and booths. The furniture is what I term "plywood chic", a style which supports the quick and cost-effective fit-out of new restaurants.
Stitch & Bear - Sprezzatura - Penne pasta with nduja and Toonsbridge ricotta
Penne pasta with Toonsbridge ricotta and nduja

In an effort to eliminate paper usage, the menu is chalked on the wall every day, and uses a wide selection of top notch Irish food producers ranging from Killenure Dexter beef and Harty oysters through to Mooncoin beetroot and Ballymakenny potatoes. Sprezzatura is all about combining the very best of Italian with Irish.

A glorious stracciatella from Toonsbridge Dairies in West Cork comes anointed with Wicklow rapeseed oil and flakes of sea salt (€6.00). More often used as the filling for burrata, it's lovely to find this cheese offered as a dish in its own right. The texture is buttery and creamy, reminding me of the luxurious sensation of clotted cream.

Penne pasta comes coated in a sauce made from spicy nduja and Toonsbridge ricotta (€8.50). It's not a huge plate, but a perfect lunch-sized portion for one, or for sharing between a group. Across the table, gnocchi in sage butter are perfectly fluffy and disappearing fast (€7.00). Everything is delicious, and I'm frankly astounded at the great value pricing.
Stitch & Bear - Sprezzatura - Menu and interior
The menu and interior at Sprezzatura 
Stitch & Bear - Sprezzatura - Penne pasta, gnocchi and stracciatella
Penne pasta, gnocchi and stracciatella at Sprezzatura
The team at Sprezzatura are making serious strides in the sustainability space with little to no paper or plastic used in the restaurant. Receipts are sent by email and all wine is on tap, courtesy of Winelab  Ireland. Renewable energy is used and food waste is minimised by using pasta offcuts for lunchtime dishes aka "trash pasta".

Handmade pasta? Environmentally conscious restaurant with no plastic or paper in the restaurant? Wine on tap? Communal dining? How many more boxes can one restaurant tick? How many more questions can I ask? Who knows?

Sprezzatura, 5-6 Camden Market, Grantham Street, Dublin 8
Insta: @sprezzaturadublin


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