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Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon 3D

I think that this is the first 3D film I've seen that really worked. Simple animation combined with intelligent use of 3D seems to be the way forward. (Clash of the Titans take note - that film nearly put me off 3D for good). 

This is a typical story (outsider, friendship, acceptance and love) but it stands out from the rest with some amazing and funny characters as well ashaving a charmingly cute black dragon! Set in a dour Viking outpost which is beset by dragons, Hiccup is a young boy who just doesn't quite fit in. In an attempt to prove himself, he injures a Nightfury, the most feared of all the dragons. This leads to a deep bond between himself and Toothless. The Vikings (who have scottish accents!) have battled the dragons for eons and Hiccup finds himself in the unenviable position of being expected to kill a dragon.

This is a funny film (with an odd obsession with underpants) and is easily one of the best children's/family movies I've seen  in a while. Kids will enjoy it but adults will also find it more than amusing, and probably a step above the inane Nanny McPhee 2.

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