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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Catch and Keep a Vampire - Diana Laurence

Vampires are definitely the bad boys of the moment, though when you stop to think about it, did they ever fall out of fashion? Lestat, Angel, Celine, Edward Cullen and Moonlight - vampires have always been sexy, dark and downright alluring.

Diana Laurence is on the ball with this tongue-in-cheek guide to dating a vampire. It covers the gamut of the dating experience from initial flirtation and pickup lines through to the secret of the red satin ribbon. Drawing on her 'personal experience', Laurence steers us mortals through the world of dating undead bloodsuckers in her step-by-step guide to loving the bad and the beautiful.

Entertaining and a little fluffy, this would be a great Christmas gift for the Twilight-besotted teeenager in your life.



Eileen Rose said...

Hmmm... Twilight besotted teenager... that wouldn't happen to be me would it? XD

Diana Laurence said...

Hey, thanks so much for the nice review of my book! This is the first review it's gotten in Ireland...very cool. And good call about the Christmas gift idea. An awful lot of besotted teens already have all the Twilight books! :-)

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