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Monday, August 11, 2014

[Review] Sakura Sushi, Lower Kimmage Road, Dublin

Being a food lover is not just about eating the latest food crazes in the hottest restaurants. I believe that any real food lover will appreciate the simple and excellent, just as much as they will appreciate the finest dining. g. Japanese cuisine is probably the best example of combining exacting precision with traditional techniques and quality ingredients. 

I'm personally very partial to Japanese food when I'm hungover. I don't quite know why this is, but a combination of sushi and something tasty often does wonders to my pickled body and shriveled soul. While driving through Kimmage, I had noticed a new sushi restaurant and had made a mental note to try it out the next time I needed care. 

Sakura Sushi is a small little cafe, with just a few tables inside the door and some traditional Japanese banners overhead. Chef Guiqi has worked in various restaurants around Dublin for over 10 years, before opening Sakura. Once we'd ordered, a pot of green tea in a prettily-decorated teapot with matching cup started to soothe my aching head. Green tea always makes me happier and surely that's half the way to feeling healthier.
Green tea
Agedashi tofu came as deep-fried pieces of tofu with mixed salad and Japanese sauce (€4.90), while Seafood Sunomono came with pieces of sushi fish on a dressed salad (€5.90). Both dishes were pleasingly tasty, with different dressings and salads. 

A large bowl of Cha Han was comfortingly carby (€8.90) with plenty of beef, chicken and squid pieces, along with an accompanying bowl of miso soup. I love sushi rolls, so an Ebi Tempura Masago roll (€7.90) was an easy and satisfying choice for me. 
Agedashi tofu
Seafood sunomono salad
Cha han
Ebi tempura masago
Sakura is simple, but it really does tick all the boxes. It's tasty, fresh, healthy and incredible value for money. It's good to see sushi restaurants becoming more mainstream and accessible, providing a healthier takeaway option. If you live anywhere nearby, show them some support and give them a go.

Sakura Sushi, 157 Lower Kimmage Road, Dublin 6W
Tel: +353 (0)1 555 8888
Twitter: @SakuraSushiDub

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