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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was watching BBC Two tonight when I saw a new program - Twiggy's Frock Exchange - based on the new concept of swishing. Swishing is where women gather together with a selection of clothes from their wardrobe and swap them amongst themselves.

The first thought that comes into my mind is that such a party or get together might only feature trash, but one of the rules of swishing is that at least one item from every woman must be of high quality. Sounds good.

I've always harboured dreams of finding something fabulous and vintage in charity shops. Unfortunately, due to the rise of mass-market, cheap retailers such as Penneys (or Primark), charity shops are full of tat these days, making it harder to find those bargains. Maybe swishing offers a new avenue to finding that piece of clothing, or shoes, of my dreams.

The show also features advice on how to restyle old clothes, echoing a section on Gok Wan's previous Channel 4 show, Gok's Fashion Fix. It's an inspiring idea, that a dress or outfit can be modified with a little effort and a trip to the haberdashery.

So far I haven't found any listings for Ireland, but I'm sure that fashion savy Irish women will be looking to this new trend, and excuse for a get together, in order to inject something new into their wardrobes.

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