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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yamamori Sushi - Lower Ormond Quay

Yamamori is one of those Dublin institutions - it seems as if the Japanese restaurant has been around for generations on George's Street, and now there has been a second outlet, Yamamori Sushi, on Lower Ormond Quay for quite a while.

I'd say that I first ate in Yamamori nearly 8-9 years ago. It was probably my first authentic taste of Japanese food and where I first ate sushi, so I have fond memories of the place. My many subsequent visits to the place over the years have done nothing to disillusion me. Lunchtime bento boxes, sashimi, sushi, cha han and noodles have all been tasted and enjoyed there over the years.

The new outlet on Ormond Quay is a beautiful tardi-like space which features separate dining areas and which opens out into a naturally lit dining room towards to the back. An outdoor terrace is also available for those finer days. The room contains many of the traditional dining benches as well as several more traditional tables.

We ordered many plates of starters and some sashimi, all of which was exactly as expected from Yamamori. My plate of Yaki Udon was extremely disappointing though. The noodles had the saucy consistency of a Pot Noodle, rather than wok-fried noodles. Additionally, someone had cut the long noodles in matchstick lengths, meaning that they were hard to pick up with chopsticks and did not hold the meat and vegetables. It also meant that too much starch was released into the cooking which caused the gloopy sauce. Very disappointing.

The other diners in our party fared better with good accounts of the cha han, beef teriyaki and karubi beef. I hate being disappointed when I visit familiar restaurants and I really hope that the Yaki Udon was a blip on the radar of Yamamori.

Yamamori Sushi, 38-39 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1. 01-8720003

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