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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cafe Bliss, Montague Street, Dublin

Cafe Bliss is a little restaurant that I had avoided for the 3 years that I've worked nearby. For some reason, I was never tempted by their menu or advertised specials. But last night, a friend suggested it as a place to grab a quick bite, despite me pointing out the nearby establishments of Bobo's, Green Nineteen and my favourite Eddie Rockets. So in I went.

I'm delighted to say that my opinion of Cafe Bliss was entirely wrong. While it may never set the culinary world on fire, they do offer well-cooked food that is cheap, cheerful and plentiful. The room is long and narrow with not a lot of room to spare, but it is comortable.

I went for a rocket and beetroot salad, served with a pan-fried chicken escalope, with balsamic dressing and pine nuts. He had the enchiladas (rare-fried beef sliced in a wrap with sauces) with fries. Our friends had the chicken supreme (another chicken escalope served with mash and creamy sauce) and a bacon and cheese burger. One beer, one coke and one diet coke bought the total cost to just under €48.

I can now see why Cafe Bliss is popular with the work crowd - and I think that I might definitely be back to try some more of their salads at some stage soon.

Cafe Bliss, 4B Montague Street, Dublin 2. 01 - 478 1600

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Angela said...

I had brunch there once a few months back, and it was lovely!

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