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Monday, August 31, 2009

Underwater - Elizabeth Diamond

Underwater is the second novel from Elizabeth Diamond, who displays a high level of accomplishment in this tale. Jane is recovering from the trauma of breast cancer and trying to deal with resurgent memories from her past. She dreams of her missing brother Paul and experiences sensations of being underwater.

As the story progresses, the multiple tragedies of Jane's life begin to reveal themselves, both to her and to the reader. She has suppressed them all her life, lied about her past, but not they are coming back, demanding to be recognised. Ex-wife to Adam, and mother to Dominic, Jane has lived a separate life from them following a horrible accident. But it was events in her teenage years which truly shaped her.

Initially, I didn't find the book engaging and I wondered if I should continue to read. However, I am glad that I did. Diamond has a way of gradually revealing the intricacies and details of the story and skillfully builds layer upon layer. Don't let the slow and vague start deter you.

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