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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tayto Mighty Munch - Hot and Spicy

When I was a child, I used to get 50p to spend in the local shop after attending Mass on a Sunday morning. I didn't vary my choice much - a packet of peanuts often featured, along with an ice-cream when it was summer (you see, in those days, our local shop only stocked ice-cream in the summer). But more often than not I would have a packet of Monster Munch.

How I loved those spicy snacks. I'd hanker for that rare one, a piece of monster munch that was more spicy coating than snack. Mmmm

Anyway, when Walkers entered the market, they took over the Monster Munch brand and it just wasn't the same. The recipe was different and milder. So I didn't have a pack for years.

But recently I picked up a pack of Tayto's Mighty Munch Hot and Spicy. And the memories came flooding back. They are delicious and spicy, just like the originals.

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