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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

hush, hush will surely be the hot new thing in the world of young adult fiction. The publishers have bought forward the publication date from 2010 to October 2009, just in time to capture the Christmas market and capture some of the Twilight audience.

Nora is a young woman with hopes of an Ivy Leage university. Good grades are crucial to her hopes, so she is understandably concerned when paired with uncooperative biology partner Patch. Patch is dark, brooding and undeniably alluring. But best friend Vee doesn't like him.

Nora lost her father the year before, and now her mother works away from home, leaving Nora on her own for days at a time. Nora has frequently felt a dark presence around her, and it only becomes more amplified as she spends time with Patch.

There are obvious parallels with the Twilight universe, except for the key difference that Patch is a fallen angel, who has been given a choice. He can become a guardian angel and regain his wings, or become human, the overarching desire that caused him to lose his wings in the first place. Nora is crucial to this choice, and she is drawn into a web of plots and undercurrents beyond her control.

This is most definitely a teen novel, full of unspoken desire and throbbing bits. It will work for its intended audience, who probably are feeling a gap in their lives. But overall, I did think that Nora was a little weak to be the main character, but in contrast the character of Patch hits all the spots.

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