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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kebabish Original, Richmond Street, Dublin 2

A few new kebab houses have opened recently on Richmond Street, near Portobello. One in particular, Kebabish Original, caught my eye with their nice wallpaper and leather seats and I filed them away in the back of my head as a potential.

Then I received their take-away menu in my letter box and my curiosity was renewed, culminating in a visit there tonight. It turns out that they are a UK-based franchise in operation for over 20 years with over 60 locations. They promise to make all food fresh with the highest quality ingredients.

We took a long time to decide as the menu is varied with snacks, curries and kebabs. Eventually we chose the BBQ shredded chicken at €5.50 (shredded chicken, lightly spiced, BBQ and fruther cooked in a wok with onions and capsicum), lamb tikka masala at €6.95, a garlic naan (cheap at €2) along with a diet coke (€1) and a glass of mango lassi (€2).

The BBQ shredded chicken came piled high on a sizzling platter mixed with onions and peppers. For €5.50, it represented simply amazing value. The lamb in the masala had been grilled and then mixed into the delicious creamy sauce.

We cleared our plates with smiles on our faces. This was amazing food, freshly cooked and excellent value at a total cost of €17.70. That's right, €17.70 for a quick meal for two. Go try it out for yourself.

I've always thought that Dublin was lacking a cheap curry house. The Madina Desi on Mary Street is an effort, but I've found it to be of mixed quality and it can be expensive, depending on what you order. In contrast, nothing in the menu for Kebabish Original is expensive.

Kebabish Original, 40 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2. 01 - 475 8869


Patrick said...

Very good food at very reasonable prices. I would say a well thought out menu and excellent addition to Dublin.

Brian said...

It's restaurants like this that make me wish I lived closer to Dublin - sounds like a quality, tasty, casual, almost everyday dining out kind of restaurant!

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