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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gourmet Burger Company Ranelagh

I was browsing through the other day when I came across at 2 for 1 voucher for the Gourmet Burger Company in Ranelagh. Burgers are always good and free burgers are even better.
We visited there tonight and found the restaurant to be moderately busy. It's nicely decorated with dark tables and comfortable seating.

The menu offers a large selection of beef burgers, chicken burgers, non-meat burgers along with more gourmet options including boar and the star attraction, a Kobe beef burger (€39.95). Kobe beef is the king of beef, coming from hand-reared Japanese Wagyu cattle. We settled for burgers that were a little more mundane. I chose the Chilli burger (melted Dubliner cheddar, Jalapeno peppers and homemade chilli relish) while he had the Avocado and Bacon burger, both cooked to medium. We also chose a side order of onion rings to finish our meal.

When the burgers arrived, they were stuffed full and held together with wooden skewers. Once we removed the skewers and some of the unnecessary salad, we got the burgers down to a size that we could physically fit into our mouths. The patties were perfectly cooked and made from tender beef and very tasty. I especially loved the chilli relish in my burger with its spicy and sweet flavour. I had looked forward to the onion rings, but they seemed to have been cooked in oil that was slightly off. Pity, as they came in a massive stack and are great value at €2.25.

Overall, with our voucher included, the total cost for the most expensive burger, one diet coke, one glass of merlot and onion rings came to €23.30. Home delivery and takeaway is also possible.

Gourmet Burger Company, 97 Ranelagh Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6. 01 - 497 7821

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