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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Gamer is yet another movie that tackles the concept of a dystopian future, where convicted criminals are used for public entertainment. First practiced by the Romans in their arenas, Hollywood has used the idea for films such as The Running Man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Death Race (Jason Statham). Now Gerard Butler, from 300 and more dubiously, P.S. I Love You, takes the lead role in Gamer, where the bodies of convicted murders are controlled by gamers and used in vicious, bloody battles.

Kable (Butler) has captured the hearts of the public as the only fighter to come close to completing his allocated quota of 30 battles. Soon he will fight his final few battles and leave a free man. But, it soon becomes clear that someone high up does not want him to complete his battles and earn his freedom.

Coming as it does from the same factory as Jason Statham's high-octane Crank films, it is no surprise that Gamer is a non-stop assault on your senses. It features relentless action, visceral violence and more than a heavy dose of technology. It is entertaining and Gerard Butle shows off the muscles that he acquired for his role as Spartan King Leonidas. Despute its failings, I could see this becoming a little bit of a cult classic. But don't expect a masterpiece.

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asos voucher said...

All of the major actors were so awesome. I really liked this a whole lot more than I originally thought I might. This movie I seen twice because for understood twist and turn.

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