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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chinese Ma Ma's Restaurant, Parnell Street, Dublin

I think that I've eaten in every Chinese restaurant in Parnell Street at this stage. But when they change hands, or at least names, we just have to go for another visit. This was the case with the excellently named Chinese Ma Ma's Restaurant, on the corner of Parnell Street and Champion's Avenue.

There were several tables occupied by Chinese people, but as always we got the English menus and knives and forks. Ah well. We headed straight to the small section of traditional food and ordered beer duck (€9.80) and crispy king prawn and pork with spring onion (€8.20). For starters we ordered 6 steamed dumplings (€3.80) and shredded chicken with chilli (€4.50). Both starters were delicious. In fact, the little steamed dumplings of pork and cabbage were some of the best I've tasted.

The crispy pork and king prawn was a large plate of crispy pieces of meat fried with a little soya and spring onion and very nice. Personally, I would have added some chillis to the mix, but that's me. The beer duck consisted of a nice, strong sauce flavoured with beer and ginger. Again, it wasn't spicy, but a decent dish. Both portions were quite substantial and we ended up leaving a decent amount of beer duck behind us as we just couldn't finish it.

2 iced green teas (€4.00) and 2 diet coke (€3.00) along with a fried rice meant the bill total was €33.00. Not bad for a very filling meal. Chinese Ma Ma's seems to be of a form of Chinese cooking that doesn't use too much heat and has a small traditional section, all of which means that I'm unlikely to return. But the food is good and quantities are generous.

Chinese Ma Ma's Restaurant, Parnell Street, Dublin 1. 01 - 873 3472

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