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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tadashi Dress

We've been to one wedding already this summer and we're heading to another in October. The problem is that both weddings belong to the same set of people. This means that I can't wear the same dress to both weddings. Different outfits will be required.

I found a beautiful dress by Japanese designer Tadashi in a Dublin boutique which fitted beautifully but the €400 price tag was a bit rich. So I turned to my trusted shopping sidekick - eBay.

Now, I didn't find the dress that I had tried on, but I did find some other gorgeous Tadashi dresses and I purchased this beautiful silk taffeta and jersey navy dress.

It's absolutely stunning on with the jersey top fitting my bust beautifully while the silk taffeta silk flares out slightly stiffly. And the best part, the total cost inclding shipping from the states, came to about €75.

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