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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hotel Special Offers - Who Are You Kidding?

I'm thinking about taking a break soon, and I was looking at Hotels Ireland's website, where they advertise a range of Value Breaks. There's also a section for special Offers, so I clicked through and input our dates (25th-27th Sept). Imagine the surprise I got when I saw some of the prices available. They ranged from €640 to €756 for a 2 night break. That's just crazy. My in-laws just booked a week in Portugal, all-in, for under €600.

For the sake of a decent comparison, I went to the Value Breaks section and entered the same criteria. Only two hotels in Wexford displayed this time (compared to 5 in the previous section). St. Helen's was listed as €356 in the Special Offer section, but as €178 in the Value Break section. Likewise, the Ashdown Park is listed for €378 and €756 respectively.

I emailed the website, and they replied stating that it was not an error on their part but reflected the pricing set by clients. So there you go, different value available on two sections of the same website.


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