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Monday, September 14, 2009

Ochos Tapas Bar, Ranelagh

Ocho's is a brand new tapas bar, located in Ranelagh on the former site of Nectar. We visited one weekday evening about 2 weeks ago. The 28 seater restaurant was close on full when we entered, but the friendly hostess pointed us towards a free table towards the rear of the space.

We ordered the traditional patatas bravas (€4.50, the sauces could have had more punch, but the potates were cooked divinely), cold octopus salad (€6.50, delicious and flavoursome), mussels (€5.00, lovely, but very thin-shelled as if they came from the North Sea), manchego cheese and honey (€5.00, nice, but a very small portion) and saffron prawns (€9.50, delicious, but again a small portion for the money).

If I have one grudge about Ocho's, it is the use of space. We were crowded and elbow-to-elbow with the people located to either side of us. It's not pleasant to be part of other people's conversations, as was the case that night. Also, you can't have a relaxed conversation with your companions as you're concious of the fact that your neighbours can hear you. The owners of Ocho's could have placed one less table along that wall and spread out the remaining tables a little more.

I mentioned this spacing to the hostess and she replied along the line of "it's a tapas bar". Hmm... I think it's just a desire to maximise the money-earning capacity rather than providing a comfortable dining space. I know that we ate our food quickly and got out fast rather than relaxing and taking our time to enjoy the food.

Overall price, including sparkling water for one and a glass of red wine (€6.50) came to €37 exactly. Good food, but I wouldn't be in a hurry back to experience the compressed dining atmosphere.

Ochos, 53 Ranelagh Village, Dublin 6. 01 - 496 8825

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