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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Abbot's Ale House - Cork

The Abbot's Ale House is tucked away on a first floor on Devonshire Street, just at the end of McCurtain Street. A vast and extensive off-license is located on the ground floor.

When we visited recently, the upstairs bar was quiet, featuring just a few regulars and friendly barman. The range of beers on offer is quite impressive and the prices are friendly on the pocket. The barroom is cosy with tables scattered around and walls papered in beermats and is weirdly reminiscent of the walls of the Delirium Cafe in Brussels. A few bottles of chilled Framboise and I was one happy camper.

I only wish Dublin had an easy-going, friendly, well-stocked bar like the Abbot's Ale House. Any bar that I've encounted in Dublin which sells an extensive range of beer is generally pretentious, but it was apparent in the Abbot that this is being done for the love of the beer. It is a pub that I could easily make a local, if only I still lived in Cork.

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Caroline@Bibliocook said...

Love this bar - always feels like a well-kept secret!

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