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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Spirit

I'm still a bit bewildered following my trip to see The Spirit. Made in the style of Sin City, it is visually quite sharp, though this type of cinematography is already a wee bit cliched. What left me unusually perplexed is the ridiculous dialogue and the intensely incomprehensible plot.

Another confusing aspect is how this film managed to make Scarlett Johansson look dowdy and barely made Eva Mendes look her usual stunning self. That takes some doing. Still though, you have to give Samuel L. Jackson for realising that he was in the most confusing and silly film ever made and therefore deciding to ham it up.

It's clear that Frank Miller doesn't know how to direct - or should I say direct in a way that any linearly-thinking person could follow. I feel sorry for Gabriel Macht. This was his potentially breakthrough lead role, but he really should have read the script before accepting. Leave this film well alone unless you're actively seeking confusion in your life.

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