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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Stylophone is Back!!

OK, hands up! Who where remembers the Stylophone? Or maybe you might remember Rolf Harris promoting the stylophone? His never-ending jollity and relentless cheer meant that a lot of households ended up with stylophones, but never fully understood what to do with them. Granted, not a lot of people did. David Bowie, Pulp, Kraftwerk and Jack White have all used the stylophone in recording, but only ever as a "cute" aside.

The Stylophone was a "pocket electronic organ" whereby you touched the metal stylus to the metal keyboard to produce an electronic warble. They must have driven parents demented all over the world. Endless toneless noise... it wssn't helped by the fact that the original Stylophone had no volume control!

However, the Stylophone has been relaunched and is readily available for sale. I recently picked up a new one in Zavvi for 15 euro. Joy of joys, it now comes with volume control, headphone output and most impressively an mp3 output. Truly, the stylophone has now been bought into the modern era.

Now to master the Star Wars Death March...


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