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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bleu Bistro, Dublin

Bleu Bistro is offering a two-course lunch menu for E15, which was enough to tempt me in through its doors last week. At that stage of the day, any other nearby restaurant would be charging the same amount of money for just one course. Upon entering, it seemed as if the last of the celtic tigers were in there for lunch - with groomed hair and luxury shopping bags around the place.

The menu is simple, and somewhat French-inspired with a mediterranean twist. We chose a green salad with caesar dressing, bacon and pumpkin seeds to start along with grilled aubergine, goat's cheese and pesto. It was only after our starters arrived that the waitress twigged that we had not received any bread and she arrived belatedly at the table with a basket of fresh breads. Based on her suggestions, we both chose bacon and onion rolls, which turned out to be olive bread. Hmmm..

Starters were good though. My slice of grilled aubergine with goat's cheese was very pleasant although I think that it could be improved by the use of a less-sharp cheese. My partner's salad suffered from the lack of a punchy caeasar dressing and next to no bacon. The pumpkin seeds were a delicious crunchy addition.

Mains were venison sausages served with mash, a rich gravy and some onion rings. The other main was fresh fried sea trout served with mash and other vegetables. The sea trout, although quite a small portion, was fresh out of the pan, perfectly cooked and delicious. My sausages were a much more substantial portion and I loved the rich gravy.

Overall, you couldn't fault this lunch for E15 a head. The food was very well cooked in all courses and the small-sized portions are perfect for lunch. The only downside to the whole experience was the somewhat slow and amnesiac service. We called for our bill, but eventually walked to the till to pay after our server disappeared into the ether. I quite liked Bleu, and could definitely handle a few more recession-friendly E15 lunches of that quality.

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