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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Trudeau Vector - Juris Jerjevics

When I added this book to my library on LibraryThing, it turned out that I was the only user with this book on my bookshelf. I always get a little kick when I am the only person with a book. It can mean that you are a person with uniquely individual tastes, or that perhaps you have stumbled upon a book overlooked by everyone else.

Trudeau is an advanced Canadian research station situated deep in the Arctic Circle, where an international community of scientists collaborate in harmony. But tradegy strikes, and 4 scientists are killed by an unknown factor. Jessie, a brilliant, unconventional, American epidemiologist is requested to visit the station to determine the cause of these mysterious deaths.

Deep in the depths of the polar oceans, an experienced, old submariner is asked to lead a Russian team to investigate the disappearance of a Russian submarine. As the book unfolds, their missions converge as they race to solve the scientific and political mysteries that surround them.

I both liked and disliked this book. Jurjevics' grasp of scientific and engineering concepts is impressive, resulting in a book that is rich in information. Initially, the plots builds well, leaving the reader with a nicely tense sense of foreboding. Unfortunately, the book fails to maintain its excellent start and the plot descends into borderline silliness. Still though, it's well worth a read for the interesting scientific concepts raised by the author.

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