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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Ecstasy and the Agony

I did not own one neat pair of black shoes until I started full-time work nearly two years ago. Even then, the ones I bought had a small platform sole and a sexy little Mary-Jane strap. I had to push the boundaries just that little bit. I still can't wear plain shoes. Life is too short to wear the same colours and styles that are in the window of every highstreet shop.

Hence, I'm always on the quest for shoes that will do for work, but yet allow me to be my little flamboyant self. I saw this gorgeous pair of Irregular Choice samples on eBay, I added them to my watch list, I bidded and I won. (Julius Caesar, eat your heart out, this is the modern woman's version of Vene, Vidi, Vici).

I love Irregular Choice. Sometimes the shoes are simply daft and other times they are just exquisite, just like this pair. Imagine my excitement when I opened the parcel and tried on the shoes, and then imagine the opposite feeling I had when I realised that they just wouldn't fit.

But I'm not daunted. I'm an IC fan, and they make their shoes small. I've dealt with this in the past. I'll wedge some bottles of nail varnish down into the toes and push them further in everyday for a week. This is an old trick in my book, and has worked wonders in the past with one of my favourite pairs of shoes.

These divine blue and gold suede shoes were simply too tight at the tips of my toes when I bought them. I spent most of our first night out together with them dangling off under the table as they threatened to kill the circulation in my toes. However, two and a half years later, we're still together and still garnering compliments. Surely that was worth a little pain at the outset and that makes me look forward to wearing my green patent wedges with a little flash of scarlet.


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