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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wanted - Movie Review

Wanted is billed as a fast-paced, crackling thrill ride made for the summer audience. It comes from Timbor Bekmambetov, who is the man behind the Daywatch/Nightwatch series. However, it just didn't click for me, and at one stage I contemplated leaving the cinema.

First the good points. Action films are great. It's good to leave the mind at home and watch something with belief suspended. Wanted fits that criteria pretty damn well with bending bullet, slow time, car chases and train action. Angelina Jolie is hot as always in this film - she does the bad-ass chick to a tee.Wanted does have more gore and head shots than your standard action summer film, and as such, may not be the best choice for younger people.

The not so good points. McAvoy's voiceovers as the main character, Wesley Gibson, are so annoying, coming across as especially at the very end of the film. However, my personal hate in this film was to do with the exploding rats. (Apologies if I've given away part of the storyline here). It just sickened me to think that someone thought that was acceptable to show in mainstream cinema. In all the reviews I've read for Wanted, no one mentions this. Do people think it's OK to depict this because they're rats?

At the end, I felt slighly nauseated, not something that happens easily. Animal cruelty makes me feel that way.

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