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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Siam Thai Restaurant, Dumdrum, Dublin

Does anyone ever feel that it is possible to be addicted to spicy food? It doesn't matter whether it is Thai, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese, I am a sucker for asian food. Today, the two of turned to each other and said that we wanted Thai. Given where we live, there is only one option for Thai food, the Siam Thai in Dundrum Town Centre.

I was glad to see that entrance to the restaurant has been finally given a little bit of a makeover. Prior to this it was like the entrance to a carpark with bare concrete walls. These have now been covered with an attractive bronze-coloured covering. Arriving upstairs we were quickly seated at a table overlooking the open area in front of the shopping centre. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and is always a pleasure to be in. The leather chairs are comfortable and the whole atmosphere is luxurious and relaxed.

An Early Bird menu is on offer most days whereby you can have a starter and main course (chicken, beef, pork or prawns) for E23. This might seem a little steep for lunch, but the food in the Siam Thai is truly worth it.

We had dim sum and thai herb cod for starters. There were 5 meaty dim sum in the steamer along with a sweet dipping sauce. The Thai herb cod was superb with flaked pieces of cod and vegetables served in a tangy sauce. Mains were a prawn Choo Chee curry and duck in chilli oil. The Choo Chee curry is a coconut red curry and was strong and pungent. The strong flavours and the meaty juicy prawns were most pleasant. The duck in chili oil consisted of a whole breast served with vegetables and sauce. Although the duck could have been crispier, the dish was excellent with a flavoursome sauce, which wasn't uncomfortably hot.

The Siam Thai always gets the thumbs up from me and it appears to be equally popular with other visitors. The food is flavoursome and tasty, well-presented in decent sized portions. The surroundings are amazing and service is excellent. Sometimes it's just worth paying a little more to get an experience like the Siam Thai.

Siam Thai, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 14. 01 - 296 4500

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