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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Curacao Ostrich Farm

During our December holiday on the island of Curacao we visited the Ostrich Farm in Curacao. As part of your visit, a tour guide will drive you on a short circuit around the farm, stopping frequently to explain different aspects of ostriches & ostrich keeping. (It turns out that ostriches are unintentionally hilarious).

As part of our trip, we also got to stand with a bowl of food and feed two adult ostriches. It's a bit intimidating when they are towering over you, with their cold reptilian eyes. One of the birds could have had a career as a lurker - he featured in the background of every photo I took, just lurking.

Once you're finished with the tour, you can also grab a quick snack or more leisurely meal at the Zambezi restaurant, where I enjoyed an amazingly tasty, spicy & moist ostrich burger. The Ostrich Farm offers a free pick-up service if you book evening dinner. Sitting on the veranda at twilight or during the night would be amazing.

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