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Saturday, June 23, 2012

[Review] Cornelia & Co, Carrer Valencia, Barcelona

It's all too easy when in Barcelona to fall into the habit of eating nothing but tapas. It takes a little effort and digging to find something a bit different. But Barcelona does have plenty happening behind the tourist scenes, and hip websites like 60 by 80 show the way to some really interesting alternatives to the usual tourist haunts.  

Cornelia & Co, located on Carrer Valencia, takes inspiration from famous New York deli Dean & Deluca. The window proclaims it to be a "Daily Picnic Store" and the interior is not your typical Spanish tapas joint. It's bright and airy with white columns and walls, balanced by dark wood floors and furniture while chairs decorated with decoupage fashion images add some vibrancy.

Stitch and Bear - Cornelia & Co - Interior
The light and bright interior at Cornelia & Co
The attention to detail continued with the menu which came on a clipboard with layered sheets of varying lengths for the different sections. I also loved the fact that the knives and forks were bound together with old-fashioned wire ties.
Stitch and Bear - Cornelia & Co - Place setting
Attractively presented cutlery at Cornelia & Co
Himself was feeling a bit peckish so he ordered two courses. First up was a club sandwich (€8.80) which was unwrapped by the barista and fried on a hot plate behind the bar. The end result was somewhat like an American grilled sandwich and came crustless, served with lightly salted crisps. His second course was a tartar of salmon served with a layer of avocado (€9.50) and various savory crisps.
Stitch and Bear - Cornelia & Co - Club sandwich
Grilled club sandwich
Stitch and Bear - Cornelia & Co - Salmon tartar with avocado
Tartar of salmon with avocado
I had opted for a decadent lunch, as one does when one is on holiday, namely the hamburger with foie gras and truffles (at a whopping €18.00). A very lightly cooked patty came served atop a bird's nest of crispy, thin fries, along with a bowl of truffled eggs. It felt somewhat like a reconstructed steak tartar and was deliciously indulgent. The crispy fries were a magnificent contrast to the soft juicy meat and velvety dripping eggs.
Stitch and Bear - Cornelia & Co - Foie gras hamburger
Hamburger ternera foie gras
Cornelia & Co is probably more expensive compared to many daily lunch options in Barcelona. But it is also something special, with a lovely interior and modern cuisine. If you want a break from tapas, then take a trip to this chic New York-inspired location.

Cornelia & Co, Carrer Valencia 225, Barcelona 08007
Tel: +34 93 272  3956

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