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Monday, January 28, 2013

[Listing] Bringing the Wine Geese Home with L'Atitude 51, Cork

Most of you will probably know by now that I am a big fan of Cork wine bar L'Atitude 51. Emmanuelle and Beverly took over one my favourite pubs from my student days (The Lobby Bar) and turned it into a smart, relaxed wine bar and cafe. These two lovely ladies are very active in the area of wine education and have regularly hosted wine tasting events and classes, several of which I have mentioned. However, a recent email from Beverly alerted me to the fact that they have outdone themselves when it comes to their latest series of wine events. 

Read on for more information...

For such a small country whose climate is totally unsuited to the production of wine, have you ever thought it odd that so many chateaux bear Irish names? Well, it's no happy coincidence that Ireland, small and viticulturally-challenged as it is, has had an influence on the global wine trade that is nothing short of remarkable; many famous vineyards and wine-making practices today owe their success to the exploits of some of our wandering ancestors. 
It's a subject that has generated much interest at home and abroad and has been chronicled in great detail both by author Ted Murphy and wine correspondent Tom Clancy. Given the year that's in it with The Gathering Ireland 2013 attracting many of the Irish diaspora home from around the globe, we have thought it only fit that the Wine Geese be invited home in recognition of the important role they have played in putting Ireland on the world's Wine Map.

In association with The Gathering Ireland 2013, we will be hosting and organising a series of "Meet the Wine Geese" events throughout 2013, which will be open to the public - the goal is to hold one event a month. Wine Geese from across the globe, ranging from some of the more famous Bordeaux players to the smaller less-well known producers, will be flying home to meet wine and history enthusiasts and share their stories and wine. They'll recount their winery's history and connections with Ireland and give a guided tasting of their wines - they'll talk, you'll taste!

Events will take place throughout Cork city, county and a number of venues in Cork have already been made available (some of the more intimate events will take place in L'Atitude 51with bigger events taking place in Ballymaloe, and more venues to be confirmed shortly) and it is hoped that a number of historical buildings will open their doors for some of these events to mark the occasion. 

On an interesting side note, Plumpjack Winery, a boutique winery in Oakville, California was founded by the current Lieutentent Governor and former Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, who is a direct descendent of Edward Newsom who was Lord Mayor of Cork in 1822. Cork was twinned with San Francisco in 1984. 

These events are the perfect opportunity to showcase the best of Irish and will tie in with masterclasses in cheese & wine and food & wine pairings. Events are open to the public and information of upcoming events will be posted to The Gathering Ireland website along with details on how to purchase tickets. Further information is also available from

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