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Thursday, February 14, 2013

[Listing] Whiskey Tastings from Celtic Whiskey Shop

The great resource that is the Celtic Whiskey shop on Dawson Street have announced a series of whiskey tastings. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of whiskey with or without the "e", there's a tasting to suit everybody. Ticket numbers are limited for all events and can be purchased instore at the Celtic Whiskey Shop or by phone (01) 675 9744. Events are strictly for ticket holders, and children cannot be accomodated.

Michael's 4 Nations Whisk(e)y Tasting
This evening will see whiskies from the four best whisk(e)y producing countries; Ireland, Scotland, the USA and Japan, with a superb collection of very different whisk(e)y styles to enjoy.
Cost: €25
When: Thursday, February 21st
Venue: Against the Grain, Wexford Street, Dublin

St Patrick's Whiskey Tasting
Obviously this tasting will feature only Irish whiskey, with eight different whiskies available for tasting. There should be hot contention for the title of favourite.
Cost: €25
When: Thursday, March 14th
Venue: Against the Grain, Wexford Street, Dublin

Coastal Tour of Scotland Whisky Tasting
Enjoy a tour of the coastline of Scotland with some real gems on tasting, featuring a selection of well-known and lesser-known drams.
Cost: €25
When: Thursday, April 18th
Venue: Against the Grain, Wexford Street, Dublin

Speyside Whisky Tasting
This year, the annual whisky trip will be heading to Speyside around October. This tasting will help get you in the mood.
Cost: €25
When: Thursday, May 16th
Venue: Against the Grain, Wexford Street, Dublin

Islay Whisky Tasting
Islay is many peoples favourite whisky region and this tasting is bound to be very popular. A whisky from each of the island's distilleries will be compared.
Cost: €30
When: Thursday, June 13th
Venue: Against the Grain, Wexford Street, Dublin

4th July USA Whiskey Tasting
This evening will hopefully be a mix of great American whiskies with some live music and food. The demand for American whiskey is growing every year and this tasting will show both the quality and differing styles.
Cost: €35
When: Thursday, July 4th
Venue: Against the Grain, Wexford Street, Dublin

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