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Friday, April 12, 2013

[News] Molson Coors launches The Craft Collection

Molson Coors is currently the world's seventh largest brewer by volume, with many major mainstream brands in their portfolio. However, like all major brewing companies, it is waking up to the fact that beer drinkers are becoming more discerning and are seeking more variety in their beer selection. In fact, the Irish craft beer market has grown by an impressive 100% in 2012, and it is expected to capture 10% of the market by 2017. 

Hence, Molson Coors have selected Ireland as the launch country for their new The Craft Collection presenting a selection of award-winning beers from a selection of craft breweries, including Cork's very own The Franciscan Well.  It is possible to argue that Molson Coors are merely jumping on the craft beer bandwagon, but the fact that they are paying attention to this market section shows that the current trend for craft beer is gaining serious traction.

The beers featured are as follows: (if I know something about the beer, I have added my own thoughts).
  • Blue Moon Belgian White (Belgian style wheat ale, 5.4% ABV, Colorado USA) - the number one sellling Norther American craft beer. You can argue all you want about the slice of orange which often comes with this beer, but there's no doubting its appeal.
  • Blue Moon Valencia Grove Amber (American amber ale, 5.9% ABV, Colorado USA) - Blue Moon regularly make seasonal ales, and this spring seasonal ale is meant to sit between the hearty winter seasonals and the more refreshing summer beers.
  • Sharps's Chalky's Bark (Flavoured ale, 4.5% ABV, Cornwall UK) - Created by Sharp's in conjunction with Rick Stein, this beer features a picture of Rick's famous little terrier. Inspired by Rick's travels to the Far East, it has a ginger flavour to give it bark.
  • Sharps's Chalky's Bite (Belgian abbey ale, 6.8% ABV, Cornwall UK) - Again another cute dog label and is designed to partner with seafood
  • Sharp's Doom Bar (Amber ale, 4.3% ABV, Cornwall UK)
  • Franciscan Well Rebel Red (Irish red ale, 4.3% ABV, Cork Ireland) - Named after the Rebel county, this has flavours of fruit and caramel alongside malt and biscuit. 
  • Franciscan Well Shandon Stout (Cork style dry stout, 4.3% ABV, Cork Ireland) - Winner of a 2012 World Beer award, and named after the local landmark Shandon Steeple, Shandon Stout is a roasted, chocolately beer. The Corkonian in me loves this beer.
  • Worthington's White Shield (IPA, 5.6% ABV, Burton-upon-Trent UK)
  • Worthington's Red Shield (Blonde ale, 4.2% ABV, Burton-upon-Trent UK)
For more information, you can follow The Craft Collection on Facebook, or via Twitter.

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