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Monday, February 16, 2015

[Travel] Foodhallen Amsterdam

You have to give it to the Dutch. In their typically classy and refined manner, a former Amsterdam repair shed for electric trams has been converted into a beautiful event and food space. Large airy halls play home to cultural spaces, a movie theatre and many other attractions. It also is home to Amsterdam's very own indoor food market, the Foodhallen. It's only been open since October 2014 but it's already proving very popular with locals and tourists alike.
Interior of De Hallen
The Foodhallen is a large space with restaurant booths lining the walls with a couple of central bars and loads of communal seating. We passed through on a Saturday night after dinner at the nearby Meat West restaurant (also located in De Hallen) and we returned Sunday for an early lunch. On both occasions, the Foodhallen was full of families, couples and diners.
Food stalls at the Foodhallen
Gin & Tonic bar at the Foodhallen
As we wandered around the stalls, we found it increasingly hard to make up our minds. The incredible cheese sandwiches at Caulils Kaas made us both pause. They were stacked up high, packed full of grated cheese, waiting for the heat of the grill to create some melted magic. The end result was one of the best cheese toasties I've even eaten, complete with buttery grilled outside and wonderful oozing cheese inside. Trust me readers when I say that this sandwich is worth a trip to Amsterdam alone.
Cheese sandwiches piled high at Caulils Kaas
The perfect grilled cheese sandwich from Caulils Kaas
The Rough Kitchen is a concept stall from Jord Althuizen (specialist in pig roasting) and Mark Polman (cookbook author) and it focuses on all things piggy. Several trays of pork pieces sitting under hot lights lured me in and I ordered a pork tasting platter with two hot meats (pork belly and pulled pork) with a selection of three cold meats (terrine, rillette and spek). Utterly delicious and some of the best pork products I've ever enjoyed.
Pork platter from the Rough Kitchen
The Rough Kitchen
Being the gluttons that we are, we couldn't resist staying for some more tasty dishes. I chose a posh dog from Bulls & Dogs, featuring a pork dog with truffle and hazelnut, while Himself chose fresh spring rice paper rolls from Viêt View.  Again, both delicious and great examples of quick food, done well.

The Foodhallen reminds me so much of other food halls around Europe, particularly the new Mercado da Ribeiro in Lisbon. Street food, small stalls and tapas are a great way of eating, particularly as a couple, with family or with friends. In short, it's a great way of eating with anyone. So if you're in Amsterdam, avoid the usual tourist trap restaurants and take a slight detour to the Foodhallen.
The Posh Dog from Bulls & Dogs
Salamis at Bulls & Dogs
Viêt View
Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls at Viêt View
Foodhallen Amsterdam, Bellamyplein 51, Amsterdam


Anonymous said...

I'm heading to Amsterdam next weekend- will definitely be stopping off here!!
Any other recommendations for dinner?

Kitchen exile said...

Check out BAK, &Samhoud places, Gartine ( for breakfast), The Amstel hotel is a must for afternoon tea, Hiding in plain sight and door 74 for cocktails. But do get to De foodhallen first! Big fan of Caulils I reviewed them on my blog recently. Kitchen Exile

dudara said...

I've written some earlier blog posts from my travels in Amsterdam. Would absolutely recommend cocktails at Hiding in Plain Sight and also Tales & Spirits.

Carby Edwards said...

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Michale John said...

Indulge your taste buds at Foodhallen Amsterdam! This culinary hotspot offers a tantalizing array of diverse and delectable food options under one roof. From gourmet burgers to artisanal pastries, you'll discover a world of flavors to satisfy your cravings. The vibrant atmosphere and communal dining make it a perfect place to immerse yourself in Amsterdam's culinary scene. Get Netherlands Visa Appointment UK

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