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Sunday, June 11, 2017

[Review] Eatyard, South Richmond Street, Dublin 2

Food markets have been floating around Dublin for several years now, but most are daytime events, servicing local office areas. Irish Village Markets currently run three weekly markets around the city, while the market operated by Waterways Ireland on the Grand Canal at at Lower Mount Street was recently denied a renewal of its planning permission following objections from local businesses and residents. It's such a pity to see lunchtime food options and entrepreneurship being curtailed. 

While I was working in Amsterdam, Market 33 opened up in the Zuidas district. Open all day, it's a clever offering in the middle of a mixed residential and office area. Office workers can grab pho, sushi, poke or even a burger during their lunch break, before returning later in the evening for a drink and some bitterballen with their friends. I used to head there most days for lunch, rotating between the different stalls. 

Here in Dublin, the incredibly successful team from the Bodytonic group have given us the wonderful Eatyard. Open from 12m on Thursday to Sunday, this compact collection of box containers and food trucks offers some of the best and most vibrant street food in the capital. 
Stitch & Bear - Eatyard - Entrance
Eatyard entrance, next to the Bernard Shaw on Richmond Street

A rotating selection of about 20 carefully selected vendors means that it's never quite the same. We visit on a Saturday evening about 8.30pm, and it's gently buzzing without being uncomfortably full. There are 9 vendors to choose from and after a little recce, we start with No Bones Chicken Cones, ordering the versions topped with sriracha sauce and bourbon BBQ sauce (€8 each). Tender coated chicken chunks come atop a portion of skinny fries, and while I wish for a little more salt, the flavour combos are good. 
Stitch & Bear - Eatyard - No Bones Chicken Cones menu
No Bones Chicken Cones menu
Stitch & Bear - Eatyard - No Bones Chicken Cones sriracha
No Bones Chicken Cone with sriracha, peanuts & banana flakes
Stitch & Bear - Eatyard - No Bones Chicken Cones bourbon BBQ
No Bones Chicken Cone with bourbon BBQ sauce, crushed pretzels and dark chocolate chips
We move onwards, passing by the oh-so-hot-right-now Veginity (I will return), Pasta Box which serves ginormous stuffed arancino, Kerala Kitchen and Bubble Waffle Factory, before we find ourselves looking at the Pow Bao menu. 

Bao are single serve, light, fluffy steamed buns originating from China and Taiwan, which are typically filled with a selection of meats and salads. We spend a few minutes chuckling at the fun names before settling on a Baozi Bao (€6) and Porky Baoboa, which we upgrade to a meal deal with spicy shrimp crackers and fresh salad (€10). These versions are wonderful, stuffed with succulent juicy meats and crunchy salads. We'll be back, that Bang Bang Bao has my name written all over it.
Stitch & Bear - Eatyard - Pow Bao menu
Pow Bao
Stitch & Bear - Eatyard - Pow Bao selection
The Porky Baoboa meal deal with shrimp crackers and salad
Continuing on, Pitt Bros BBQ and Box Burger take up the rear of the yard, tucked safely under a large parasol. Despite the epic meaty aromas, we opt instead for a Mother Chorizo grilled cheese sandwich from Cheesus Grilled Cheese. It's made with Gubbeen cheese, chorizo, cheddar and mozzarella, complete with bread from the nearby Bretzel Bakery (€7). I'm quite a fan of grilled cheese, and I've spent a lot of time at home perfecting my recipe. Unfortunately this version doesn't quite make it into my top ever ranking, but it's a solid effort, complete with nice golden crust and gooey cheese innards. (In case you're wondering, the best I've ever tried, outside my own kitchen, come from Caulils Delicatessen in Amsterdam. Amazing! The best!)
Stitch & Bear - Eatyard - Come to Cheesus
Cheesus grilled cheese and macaroni
Stitch & Bear - Eatyard - the Mother Chorizo from Cheesus
The Mother Chorizo grilled cheese from Cheesus
I'm superbly impressed by Eatyard. Firstly, it's a collection of well-chosen, top notch food vendors, all of whom make their food with love, care and attention to detail. Secondly, it's spotlessly clean and well laid out. The security guards double up as caretakers, making sure that rubbish is cleared away promptly. Thirdly, it just nails the effortlessly cool and casual. No need to dress up to go out on a Saturday, but instead throw on a warm jacket for the cool evenings and enjoy yourself. 

Eatyard, 9-10 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2
Tel: +353 (0)1 906 0218
Twitter: @eatyard
Instagram: @eatyard

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Pitt Bros BBQ, Box Burger, Bretzel Bakery only €7. What a charming food and salad photo!

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