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Sunday, July 23, 2017

[Review] Caffe Amore, South Georges Street, Dublin 2

This is going to be another quick mini-review. I simply don't have a lot of time available at the moment to write lengthy detailed reviews. And given the fact that lunch at Caffe Amore was also a quick daytime affair, it feels appropriate. 

Caffe Amore is on South Great George's Street across from the junction with Fade Street, and I had passed it many times without fully clocking it. But one Saturday morning when walking past, the daily specials board caught my eye. And so my lunch plans were made. Caffe Amore opened in 2015, when Neapolitan Luli Montagne realised his dream with the help of Lino and Marino. And ever since then, it's been serving up pizza, spritz and other Italian favourites. 

We take a small table in the compact dining room, from where we can see the open kitchen. Italian pop radio fills the little dining room, and there's an immediate sensation of Italy, even though I can see Dublin passing by outside. Two glasses of fresh and crisp Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi  (€7 each) complete the transformation from Dublin to Italy.
Stitch & Bear - Caffe Amore - Daily Specials
Daily specials at Caffe Amore

The daytime menu is carb-strong with pizza and pannini, plus a strong selection of daily pasta specials. I find myself tempted by the Tutto Bianco, La Vesuvius pizza or even the racquet-shaped La Rachetta, but in the end I choose one of the daily pasta specials. While waiting for our mains, we share a starter of warm crostone topped with lardo, camelised onion jam and a generous coating of pecorino di Fossa cheese (€8). The onion jam is a little too cold for the warmth of the toast, but the flavours are lovely.

Linguini with prawns and porcini is generously full of whole prawns, requiring some vigorous de-shellling (€18). On the other side of the table, I've chosen the intriguing combination of pasta patate e provola, or pasta with potatoes (€16). Yes, you heard me right, pasta with potatoes! The combination is deliriously glutinous, topped with delicious melted smoked Provola cheese. 
Stitch & Bear - Caffe Amore - Linguini gamberoni e porcini
Linguini gamberoni e porcini

Stitch & Bear - Caffe Amore - Pasta patate e Provola
Pasta patate e Provola
We finish our lunch with two short espressos, as potent and as fiery as the bowels of Vesuvius itself, and costing €1.50 each. It's all perfectly Italian, and I wish I could stay and sit outside with an Aperol Spritz, while watching the world go by. 

Caffe Amore, 59 South Great George's Street, Dublin 2
Tel: +353 (0)1 475 0505
Twitter: @caffeamore59
Instagram: @caffe_amore

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Unknown said...

I was here once with someone who asked for no mushrooms in her dinner. I have never seen so many mushrooms on a plate!

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