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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blind hems - Hong Kong Finish

Hems are the bane of any dressmaking project. It's fun to sew the main panels and components together and see the article take shape, but hemming often seems so painful. However, we all know that a good hem or finish can make or break a garment.

As I have been a hand-sewer for years, I've always turned up hems by hand, but this isn't often the ideal solution being time consuming and hard to do on certain fabrics. Once I got my sewing machine, I spent a while wrestling with the settings perfecting my blind stitch in order to turn up those perfect hems.

I'd like to thank Burda Style for this useful guide on how to turn a blind hem, Hong Kong syle. Their website features many tips and guides, but this is definitely a tip to help you create professional looking garments. You might also like to check out their free downloadable patterns section.

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