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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Swimming Hamsters

Meet Mojito and Zorro, my pair of Winter White dwarf hamsters. Mojito (male) and Zorro (female) originally came to me as pups and are now about a year old. Mojito was originally blond and Zorro was pitch black, but over the course of last year's winter, their fur gradually changed to white. The funny thing is that their fur did not return to it's normal colour over the course of this summer.

They're a funny pair. Mojito is constantly trying to get his leg over on Zorro, who as a typical female, is having none of him. On the other hand, she has him well henpecked. A microcosm of a marriage. It is a pity that she's not more receptive as I bought this pair with the intention of breeding, but the comedy value I get from watching Mojito try it on with Zorro more than makes up for the lack of offspring.

Yesterday, Mojito, who is normally a lazy sort of dude unless it comes to trying to shag Zorro, spent a solid hour swimming in the sawdust at the bottom of the cage. I spent a while watching him trying to figure out what he was looking for. I though it might be food, but he ignored the food bowl and the hidden caches he found. He would disappear beneath the sawdust for several minutes at a go and resurface, covered in little bits of sawdust. Daft eejit!


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