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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Love - Rachael Hale

I received a copy of what I can only call this coffee-table book through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers group. I don't know what criteria they use to select readers, but this was definitely an odd choice for me. I don't think that I would have any other books in my library quite like it. However, I've been lately getting into photography, so despite the saccharine subject matter, I did look forward to the book.

To be honest, the book isn't to my taste. This doesn't mean that it isn't adorable, nor packed to the brim with adorable baby photos and titbits of baby lore. I think that any pregnant woman or recent mother will adore this book. It's well-executed and beautifully presented. However, I did find some of the photos repetitive, but then again, I suppose that there are only so many ways in which to photograph babies. But Rachael Hale does a good job of it.

If you know an expectant or recent mom, then consider buying this for the baby shower. It is beautiful and would make an exquisite gift.

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Rachel D. Castagna said...

The love of children is what we live for. Until I became the mother of a beautiful baby, I could not even think of what things we are capable of for the love of our children.

My husband and I lived for 7 years and everything suited me, but when the baby was born and I realized that my husband would never become a loving and caring father, I decided to divorce. Now I have submitted documents and soon we will live in a smaller, but very loving family.

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