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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Buenos Aires Grill, Dublin

I've always known that we're a bit hit and miss in Ireland when it comes to cooking steak. All too often the steak is not cooked on a hot enough grill/pan and it's often over-cooked. Here in Brussels, Irish beef is considered to be among the best and they cook it with style. I've eaten top-notch steak in New York and I always wonder why we can't get it right here in Ireland.

Now we have the Buenos Aires Grill - an Argentian-style steakhouse. It's located next to the Radisson Hotel on Golden Lane. We entered on a Saturday afternoon for lunch but found the place to be deserted. Granted, it was a freezing cold day and it was hard to tell from the outside if the restaurant was open or not.

The decor is a bit cold, though that could be mainly due to the lack of other diners. It has ample seating with separated dining areas for those looking for a bit of privacy. The tables have linen tablecloths, crystal wineglasses and silverware. However, the lunch prices are on the very nice side of reasonable and I hope that this continues. We went for the Argentian pasties and calamares for starters. The pasties were nicely spiced in a nice flaky pastry while the calamares were excellently cooked in a very light batter and served with garlic mayonnaise.

For mains I went for the steak and fries, cooked rare, while my other half went for the grilled shrimp served with pasta. When the steak arrived, it was clear that it hadn't been cooked quite hot enough, but it was an excellent piece of meat. The star of the show however was the grilled shrimp and pasta. It was a large plate of tagliatelle pasta served with jumbo juicy grilled shrimp and it went down a storm.

Service throughout was excellent, and I definitely will be back for a return visit. The Buenos Aire offers excellent value for money, which is something to enjoy these days. I hope that its slightly out-of-the-way location will not be a negative. You can tell that someone is making a genuine effort here and has put thought into the design of this restaurant. Total damage for two starters, two mains, a coffee and a latte came to €41.

Buenos Aire Grill, Unit 2, Castle Way, Golden Lane, Dublin 8.

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