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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

M&S Gluten-Free Chicken and Mushroom Crispbakes

Passing through Marks & Spencer today, I noticed a new addition to their crispbake range: gluten-free chicken and mushroom crispbakes. Normally priced at E2.49 for a packet of two, they were on special offer with two packets available for E4.50.

They bake from fresh in approximately 15 mins and were nicely cruncy on the outside. The inside was a substantial mix of chicken chunks, mushrooms and potato. Very nice and warming indeed. It was also a relief to eat gluten-free food that didn't taste like rubber or have that awful texture that will be familiar to coeliacs.

It's good to see a major retailer like M&S making an effort to expand the range of gluten-free food available to consumers. Well done M&S.


Anonymous said...

Is the chicken used in this product free range?. Having tried it for the first time it was certainly very tasty, but I do have a lingering doubt as I couldn't see 'free range' on the packaging. If not free range that will leave a bad taste in my mouth as I thought all Marks and Spencer chicken were now free range. If it was free range then I will buy again. Barry.

Anonymous said...

Barry ur a free-range crispbake cunt!

Anonymous said...

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