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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Which came first, leg-warmers or Fame? Leg-warmers are back in fashion, so it's no surprise that the cycle continues and Fame is back in our cinemas, albeit remade and modern. Set in the New York School of Performing Arts, we follow a group of talented young performers over their 4 years in the school. They have to balance a demanding schedule of artistic and academic work, while also coping with friendships, family, romance and failure.

It's clear that the young actors in this film are talented performers, but it remains to be seen if they are talented actors. The film is shot docu-style with several storylines spliced together at any one time. This splicing technique works pretty well at times, allowing more of the story to be told. However, despite all the effort to portray the characters, I left the cinema feeling that the film never dwelt long enough with any one character. The film delivers in bite-sized chunks, which may be a comment on the attention span of the potential audience.

On the plus side, there are great choreographed scenes of singing and dancing which uplift the film and showcase some of the young cast. Ultimately, this version of Fame isn't all bad. It's quite good in fact - it's fame for the Twitter generation.

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