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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Kate Beckinsdale plays U.S. Marshall Carrie Stetko who is stationed at the South Pole. Up to now, all she's had to deal with are minor misdemeanours from drunken scientists, which suits her just fine. However, one day, a pilot spots something on the ice. One dead body later, Stetko is facing the first murder in Antartica, which plunges her into a plot involving a long-lost Soviet plane and a race against time with the harsh, brutal environment of the South Pole.

Ultimately, this movie's plot is no more than you'd get in an episode of CSI, except here it's been expanded and bloated into a movie. Beckinsdale is gorgeous, as ever, but without any vampire killing action or leather catsuits, the film just falls flat. It's predictable. However, there are some gorgeous shots of scenery and life at the South Pole.


caite said...

no vampires? oh, forget it

asos voucher said...

This film look like more expensive but not good start. Moreover this movie have best murder mystery. I don't like one thing that's Screenplay of this movie.

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