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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bang San Thai, San Francisco

Our guidebook to San Francisco, Frommer's, recommended the Bang San Thai as being the best Thai restaurant in the city. When we located the restaurant on Jones Street, we were a little amused to find that it was located literally right across the street from Dottie's, where we had enjoyed breakfast literally the day before.

The Bang San Thai is a small restaurant with a few tables to the front of the restaurant and counter seating running alongside the open kitchen. Get past the smallness though and get stuck into the food as it is really good. I went for the drunken noodles topped with BBQ lamb while he had duck red curry. Following a flurry of activity from the chefs, we received two large plates of food, both of which turned out to be very tasty indeed. Barbequed lamb chunks topped flat rice noodles, which had been fried with vegetables, while the duck red curry was rich, creamy and spicy. Mmm... even though I'm now all the way back home in Ireland, I'd really go for some of the BBQ lamb right now.

Can't remember the exact cost, but two large plates of food, and one soft drink came in somewhere around $30. Excellent value, and judging by the large amount of positive comments on Yelp for the Bang San Thai, it looks as if it'll be around for quite a while.

Bang San Thai, 505 Jones Street, San Francisco CA 94102. +1 (415) 440-2610

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Κάρτες r4i said...

In this holidays I want to go outside from my city with my family I think San Francisco is best for us.Thank you for this one.

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