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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Monty's of Rathgar

Monty's of Rathgar is one of those long-established Asian (Nepalese to be precise) restaurants in Dublin, along with its sister restaurant in Templebar. We'd never eaten there before despite being afficionados of all forms of Asian cooking, but we were finally lured in with their recent value menu. They offer 4 courses - vegetarian for E20 and meat for E21.

While we waited, we were given thin, crisp poppadoms and sauces to munch on. The starters were simple, but perfectly executed. He had delicately trimmed, spiced chicken wings cooked in a tandoor oven, while I had onion bhajee. The mains turned out to be truly excellent. My Masu Ra Cauli (lamb curry with cauliflower) had a rich, tomato based sauce, with a warming heat level that built up the more you ate. His Jhinga Pathia (prawn curry) was tangy, flavoured with lime. Rice or naan is included in this offer, as is the chef's dessert of the day. Dessert that evening turned out to be gajar halva, or a pudding made with carrot which has been cooked for hours. Served warm with a quinelle of vanilla ice-cream, it turned out to be naturally sweet and very pleasing as a cooling counterpoint to a spicy meal. Tea or coffee is also included in the offer.

I really enjoyed the meal at Monty's - it really was exceptional food. I hope that they rotate the dishes on offer on the value menu as this will give me another excuse to return.

Total cost, including two very nice glasses (a tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon) came to E53.90.

Monty's of Rathgar, 88 Rathgar Road, Dublin 6. 01-4920633

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Unknown said...

Who hasn't been to Monty's in Rathar yet? I would highly recommend it. Delicious Nepalese food, really polite and cute! waiters, almost a full history of Nepalese cuisine, delicious wine . . . I could go on. But I won't. ... Thanks.

dsi r4

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