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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Camden Kitchen, Grantham Street

 I used to really dislike the Havana's tapas outlet that existed on Grantham Street. I can still recall experiencing what was possibly the worst portion of calamare ever created in any restaurant kitchen anywhere. Thankfully, the tapas joint expired a while back and now Camden Kitchen has opened in its place.  So far, press reviews have been positive with both Tom Doorley and the Sunday Tribune giving positive reviews. That was enough to persuade me to give it a spin when I was next in Dublin.

Therefore I arrived early one Friday lunchtime and I was seated by the lovely waitress at one of the window seats. I really like the decor throughout the restaurant - it's clean and simple. The menu apparently changes every day and it's a mixture of small bites and larger mains. Like its neighbour, Green 19, the menu is presented on clipboards, while specials are chalked on a blackboard on the wall.

I went for the charcuterie plate (pictured above) which looked goregous when it arrived, accompanied by a little basket of tomato bread. Air-dried ham was amazing, while the parfait simply melted in the mouth. The terrine was a little underwhelming, despite featuring chunks of meat and little capers. It simply needed more seasoning, but dissapointingly, there was no salt or pepper on the table. The chunk of Wicklow Brie was far too small. I followed the plate with a delicious firm panna cotta served with raspberries.

Overall I like Camden Kitchen but I'm not convinced that it's the best new thing on the Dublin restaurant scene - mainly because I found the prices to be a smidgen too high. However, it is relaxed and charming and undoubtedly is worth another visit - purely in the interests of research of course!

Camden Kitchen, 3A Camden Market, Grantham Street, Dublin 2. 01 - 4760125

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