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Monday, June 16, 2014

[Cocktails] The Caipirinha

To make a caipirinha, you need cachaça. If you don't have it, then stop right now, procure a bottle and then resume reading this article. 

What is cachaça? Cachaça is a distilled spirit made from sugar cane. In that sense it's a cousin of rum and can also be known as aguardente, ping or caninha. The distinctive flavour of cachaça is so essential to this drink that it's not worth proceeding otherwise. A quick look at my drinks shelf reveals bottles of Velho Barreiro and Pitú, which isn't bad considering that the Brazilians apparently only export 6% of this drink annually

How do I pronounce caipirinha and cachaça? "Kie-Pur-Reen-Yah" will get you close enough should you ever find yourself on the beaches of Rio. At your local decent off-license, just ask for "Ka-Shas-Sa"

Now that you have a bottle of cachaça, you'll also need some limes and sugar syrup (or granulated sugar). To make a single serve caipirinha, you will need ice and just three ingredients.

3/4 lime
2 shots cachaça
1/2 shot sugar syrup
Stitch & Bear - Caipirinha - Ingredients
Before cutting the lime, roll it with some gentle pressure on your chopping board. This helps release the juices internally. Cut the lime into segments.
Stitch & Bear - Caipirinha - Lime
Place the lime into a heavy glass and muddle to release the juice as well as the oils from the skin.
Stitch & Bear - Caipirinha - Muddle
Muddle well - release those delicious limey flavours
Add the cachaça and sugar syrup and stir well to combine. If you choose to use granulated sugar, then you'll have to stir for longer to get it to dissolve enough.
Stitch & Bear - Caipirinha - Mix
Stir well to mix the lime, sugar and cachaça
Finally, top up the glass with ice and give one more quick stir to settle the ice in. Some people like crushed or chipped ice, while traditionally Brazilians use cubed ice. Either way, it's all good.
Stitch & Bear - Caipirinha - Finito
Fill with ice for the finished product
What cocktail would you like to see next on Stitch & Bear? All suggestions welcome.


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