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Sunday, June 22, 2014

[Cocktails] Strawberry Daiquiri

For some reason, the daiquiri  used to make me think of what the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" called "woo girls". You know the kind… a group of women in a disco bar or nightclub, frozen neon-coloured drinks and shouting "woo" at anything or anyone.

In reality though, the daiquiri has a fair old pedigree as a cocktail and apparently originated in a iron mine of the same name in Cuba. (Click on this link to see what is considered the first written version. The recipe is for 6 people!) Eventually it spread to the US and was a favourite drink of Ernest Hemmingway and the sainted JFK. A classic daiquiri is a mix of rum, citrus and sweet and nothing else. It's a simple drink to make, but can be potent.  In my version below, I'm going to use fresh Irish Wexford  strawberries to sweeten it a little, while still staying in the classic camp. 

7 strawberries, hulled
2 shots rum
1/2 shot freshly squeezed lime juice
1/4 shot simple syrup
Stitch & Bear - Strawberry daiquiri - ingredients
Ingredients for a strawberry daiquiri
Start by taking a coupe or martini glass and placing into the freezer. This will chill the glass nicely in advance of the cocktail.

Place the strawberries into the shaking glass and muddle. Add the rum, simple syrup and squeeze in the lime juice. I use a citrus press or Mexican Elbow to quickly squeeze citrus.
Stitch & Bear - Strawberry daiquiri - Muddle
Start by muddling the strawberries
Stitch & Bear - Strawberry daiquiri - Mix
Add rum, simple syrup and squeeze the lime
Fill the glass with ice, place the tin on the shaking glass, making sure to seal well and shake vigorously. A good shake will further smash the strawberries and the ice will slightly dilute the drink. 

This drink will require a double strain, meaning a pour that uses both the Hawthorne strainer and a fine sieve. This will remove any fruit and ice debris from the liquid, leaving a clear, smooth drink.
Stitch & Bear - Strawberry daiquiri - Shake
Shakey shakey
Stitch & Bear - Strawberry daiquiri - Strain
Get ready to double strain
Stitch & Bear - Strawberry daiquiri - Voila
Elegant perfection
And there you go, a perfect summer drink. Two shots of rum means that it's not a lightweight, despite the sweet strawberry flavour. So don't go too crazy. Enjoy!


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