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Saturday, February 11, 2017

[Travel] 3 new Amsterdam hotspots

Amsterdam can be so cold during the winter months. But it's also a city that's never quiet. Tourists and weekenders are always thronging the streets, especially in the middle of town. There are always new bars and restaurants to check out, so here are three of my latest finds for you to enjoy.

Bar de Vlieg

Bar de Vlieg is a four month pop-up collaboration running until the end of March 2017 between the famous and historic d'Vijff Vlieghen restaurant and the Nolet Distillery from Schiedam which is run and staffed by bartenders from the Fabulous Shaker Boys. You may not immediately recognise the name of the Nolet Distillery, but you will know their range of Ketel One vodkas and Ketel 1 jenevers (Dutch gin).

The location is what makes Bar de Vlieg really special. It's located upstairs in a small, warm cosy room in a  complex of 5 17th century townhouses on Spuistraat that make up the d'Vijff Vlieghen restaurant. Every single inch of the room, from the brown wooden panelling to Dutch wall tiles and the original windows literally screams history. The bar staff are immediately welcoming and most importantly the drinks are exceptionally good, served in beautifully delicate glassware. Try the jenever martini for a blast of rocket fuel and feast on the Dutch bar snacks in order to prevent any consequences.

Stitch & Bear - Amsterdam - Bar de Vlieg
Cocktails at the Ketel One pop-up at Bar de Klieg

Bar de Vlieg, Spuistraat 294, Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)6 54 93 77 12
Instagram: @bardevlieg

Fishbar Saltzer Amsterdam Centraal

The elegant and historic Centraal train station is currently undergoing a lot of modernisation work, and is emerging as a sleek shopping and dining destination. A whole range of restaurants, bars and cafes have set up on the river-facing side of the station, with views over the busy river Ij. One of these new venues is Fishbar Saltzer, with a lovely interior of copper-coloured zinc, comfortable leather seats and and low suspended lighting.

We both chose fish & chips, which was on special offer for the month for just €5! (normal price €9.75 - €13.75 depending on selection). The Dutch love fish & chips when at the seaside, but the style is a bit different to ours. Here we got chunks of fish perfectly fried in crunchy, light beer batter, accompanied by perfect chips, mushy peas, remoulade sauce, coleslaw and homemade mayonnaise. An absolutely perfect lunch, especially with a glass of beer or crisp white wine, while watching the ferries and barges go by.

Stitch & Bear - Amsterdam - Fishbar Saltzer
Fisher Saltzer at Amsterdam Centraal station
Stitch & Bear - Amsterdam - Fish & chips at Fishbar Saltzer
Fish & chips at Fishbar Saltzer
Fishbar Saltzer, De Ruiterkade 42C, Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 334 3052
Instagram: @fishbarsaltzer

Dum Dum Palace

Located on Zeedijk at the edge of the famous Red Light District, Dum Dum Palace has been one  of the hottest recent openings in town. It's a buzzy spot that combines snappy bright Asian food (served small plate style) with beers and cocktails. The tables are close together and the food comes fast and furious, each dish better than the last. Spicy pork dumplings with Sichuan and sesame, Philippino ceviche with coconut and ginger, steak tartare with horseradish and bao buns stuffed with sweet and sticky tamarind pork belly were all winners. The only dud note was the aloo curry, but hey, one weak dish from eight can be forgiven.

Stitch & Bear - Amsterdam - Spicy pork dumplings at Dum Dum Palace
Spicy pork dumplings at Dum Dum Palace 
Stitch & Bear - Amsterdam - Philipino ceviche at Dum Dum Palace
Philippino ceviche with coconut and ginger at Dum Dum Palace

Dum Dum Palace, Zeedijk 37, Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 3044 966
Instagram: @dumdumpalace



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