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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels & Demons

This was actually a better film than I expected. I tend to rate the emotional capacity of Tom Hanks to be at the same level as Keanu Reeves i.e. planklike, but emotion isn't quite a neccessity for this film.

Simply put, the Catholic Church has just lost a progressive and beloved pope and the faith is under pressure from a modern world. A message is sent to the Vatican purporting to be from the Illuminati, a secretive scientific Catholic society who were once persecuted and driven underground by the church. Four cardinals will be killed followed by the destruction of the Vatican by means of an anti-matter bomb.

The Vatican police call on Harvard professor, Robert Langdon (Hanks), a symbologist and Illuminati expert to help unravel the puzzle. What follows should be an exciting chase, but somehow it falls flat and dull on the screen. The magnificent buildings and piazzas of Rome start to blur as Hanks races from scene to scene.

Overall, it's a decent action film, but a reading of the novel would be beneficial to provide more detail. The smaltzy final few minutes detracts from the overall effect, but it's a decent lightweight piece of entertainment.

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the movie, not your review.

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