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Monday, May 4, 2009

Loutus Asian Cuisine - Maynooth

We were staying in the Glenroyal Hotel in Maynooth last weekend. It was pouring rain on the Saturday night and we thought that we'd eat in the hotel bar/bistro but the extortionate prices on the menu quickly changed our minds. All the food around us looked deep-fried, there was no salad on the menu and E22-odd for chicken supreme was pulling the proverbial piss.

We reckoned that a quick run in the rain would be better than suffering those prices, thus we ended up in Lotus Asian Cuisine. It also doubles as a take-away but the main dining-room is decorated in shades of cream and white and feels quite light and bright. The menu is a mix of Thai and Chinese food and we quickly settled on Spicy Thai Yuk Sung as a shared starter. It arrived accompanied by perfect bowls of iceberg lettuce and resting on a bed of crispy noodles. It was spicily hot and delicious.

For mains we went for Mongolian Chicken and Spicy Thai Beef. The Mongolian chicken was served on a sizzling platter and turned out to be a strong hoisin-type sauce. The Thai beef consisted of beef stir-fried in a sweet Thai chilli sauce, (as opposed to proper Thai flavour) but was quite tasty.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal in the Lotus, although we did feel that E4 for a portion of rice was pushing it. Total cost for one starter, two mains, two rice, two chinese beers and one glass of white wine came to a total of approx E70. Not a cheap meal but we enjoyed it a lot more than the food on offer in the hotel.

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